Saturday, 25 August 2007

Little Weary

So it has been a pretty tiring couple of week as I started back at work. It's always a major shock to the system and thus not much has been done of interest. I got a lovely new cook book, "Pig and Sons" which is all about, well, pork, obviously. It's beautifully photographed and features chronicles of pig farmers and the like, in rural France. It seems very good, if a little overwhelming and it does features some ingredients that I might have to travel to France to get but I like it nonetheless. I'm going to try to make Pork Shoulder with Dates tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes.

I made Nigella's Guiness cake today. This has to be the easiest and most rewarding cake I know of and never fails to impress. It last for about a decade as well. If you haven't tried it, I do urge you to. It's in her Feast book. Nigella sometimes comes in for a lot of stick and I don't really understand why, unless the underlying reason is jealousy. Her writing and recipes rarely fail to be enjoyable and delicious.

Clapotis (whisper it!) seems to be going well . Hopefully it'll be done by next week. I've been whittling away at my socks as well. I keep them at work and get a few rounds down at lunch. I'm considering knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Fish Trap Aran for Mr Kittiker. I'm allowed to buy yarn if it's for someone else, right? I'm sure I saw that in the rules!

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